ON THE MENU: Cambodian Street Food

ON THE MENU is a collection of the unique foods I have come across on my international travels – sometimes mouth watering, at times stomach turning and often downright bizarre

Street food is common and affordable in Cambodia and varies between the delicious $1 plate of noodles or rice at the local market, to the less appealing insects or spiders on road-side stalls.  On my first visit to Cambodia in 2008 I was feeling adventurous and decided to experiment with ‘spider cooked in garlic’, with the garlic being the over-riding taste and making it rather uneventful experience (but one I have not felt the need to repeat on subsequent visits).  Whilst living in Cambodia for 6 months in 2009/2010 and on subsequent return visits it was harder to avoid the different variety of insects as they were often part of a ‘buffet’ style dinner at the guesthouse I stay at in Siem Reap – and I always try to be a grateful guest!

As far as international menu items go – these aren’t foods I would put at the top of the list, but on the positive side at least you know what you are putting in your mouth – which is not always the case when you order a dish with ‘meat’ in it!

Doesn’t take your fancy? Explore the MENU for other options…

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