Antarctica in Pictures: A Collection of Ice

“We have just sighted the first iceberg of the journey”

This announcement at 7pm on New Years Day felt symbolic of the journey ahead.  We had just enjoyed the Falkland Islands, were growing accustomed to days at sea and were eagerly awaiting our arrival at South Georgia.  We were also inching closer and closer to the great white continent.

I left my soup untouched on the table and rushed to the window.  A solitary iceberg floated on the water, inviting us to come closer.  It was the first in a collection of ice that became our constant companion in the journey south.

The most spectacular display of ice greeted us in Iceberg Graveyard in Pleneau Bay, but it wasn’t just the big ice of Antarctica that scattered the iconic landscape.  Sea ice resembling shattered glass covered crystal clear water like a carpet.  Icebergs of all shapes and sizes floated past us, each with their own history and personal story.  Our zodiacs navigated through an obstacle of ice floes that seals and penguins called home.  An iceberg that we passed in silence suddenly announced its presence with a thunderous carve.  And large chunks of ice floated on the water, providing an intoxicating view as the sun set each evening.

Never in my life had I’d been so captivated by frozen water.























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