Antarctica Photos: Tip of the Iceberg

Kellie Netherwood_Chinstrap Penguins on Iceberg_Antarctica

Ice is an iconic feature of the Antarctic landscape and a key feature in many of the photos I’ve left with. These photos are just the tip of the iceberg of what I saw and enjoyed in the world’s wildest continent.

(Chinstrap Penguins on iceberg near Spert Island)

A journey to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica is full of iconic sights and moments, providing a symbolic introduction into each unique region.

As we approached the Falkland Islands, it was the albatross flying alongside our ship. As we moved on to South Georgia it was the first raft of penguins we saw swimming in the water. And as we inched closer to the main attraction of our expedition, it was the ice.

Ice is one of the continent’s leaders, setting and playing by its own rules. It has the ability to enhance a travel expedition, shrouding the landscape in mystique and beauty. It also has the ability to disrupt it with pack ice preventing access and icebergs complicating navigation.

But above all, it is an iconic feature of the Antarctic landscape, taking many shapes and forms: towering icebergs floating in the water like an outdoor gallery, an ice floe hosting a sleeping leopard seal, glacial ice bordering the sea and land or sea ice covering the water like glass from a broken mirror.


Tabular iceberg near Elephant Island

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica

Iceberg at Pleneau Bay

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-9

At Sea towards the Antarctic Circle

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-3

Iceberg near Portal Pim

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-6

Sun sets alongside a distant tabular iceberg on the Brandsfield Strait

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-2

At sea towards the Antarctic Circle

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-4

Iceberg at Pleneau Bay

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-7

Leopard Seal on ice floe in Pleneau Bay

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-10

Iceberg in Pleneau Bay

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-8

Gentoo Penguin enjoying the ice washed up on shore at Danco Island

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-11

Glacial ice at Neko Harbour

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-12

Zodiac cruising amongst icebergs in Pleneau Bay

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-13

Iceberg near Spert Island

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-14

Tabular iceberg near Elephant Island

Kellie Netherwood_Ice_Antarctica-15


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  1. A great range of icebergs there with all sorts of interesting shapes.

  2. Spectacular photos Kellie…it must be amazing to see. I would love to go but a bit nervous about the zodiacs…visions of tipping everyone in the ocean.

    • Thanks Pauleen, and yes it really is amazing to see. I think a few people are nervous about the zodiacs until their first ride…and then realise how fun it is!! They never take you out unless its safe and most of the time in Antarctica you are cruising along water that is so still its incredible.

  3. Wow! Stunning photography, this is one of the places still on my list, so much beauty (and coldness) over there! Thank’s for sharing it!

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