ANTARCTICA POLAR PLUNGE: Challenging Myself for Charity

Antarctica-MapNo matter how far we travel there is always further to go and in December 2012 I will be turning a dream into reality as I set foot on my 7th continent.


I have my packing list ready: passport, camera, warm jacket, trousers, fleece, thermals, gloves, hat, waterproof trousers, swimsuit…


Yes! Whilst I am there with Quark Expeditions I will literally be throwing myself into the experience with a POLAR PLUNGE.

What is a polar plunge you may ask?  It’s essentially a moment of insanity.  It’s the moment you step outside into sub-zero temperatures in nothing but your bathing suit and jump into the even colder Antarctica water.

Am I insane?  Yes!

But it’s all for a good cause.

Most of you won’t know that I was born with a small hole in my heart.  The reason you don’t know is that other than regular check-ups and requiring antibiotics before and after dental work or surgery, it has not impacted my life in any way.

I’ve been one of the lucky ones.

6 babies are born every day with Heart Disease in Australia and these Heart Kids and their families face an uncertain and traumatic start to life.

My beautiful nephew Jake is a Heart Kid.

Jake was born with Heart Disease in 2008 and at just four months of age faced open heart surgery to repair a malformed valve.  This is when our family’s connection with HeartKids South Australia began.

HeartKids is an Australian organisation that offer support, encouragement and hope to the families of Heart Kids, whilst raising awareness and vital funding for research into the causes of this chronic disease.  Learning from my brother and sister-in-law how this support helped them during Jake’s surgery helped me realise just how important HeartKids work is.

Taking the Plunge!

I am challenging myself to jump into the icy cold waters of Antarctica in recognition of the challenges families with Heart Kids face on a daily basis.

And I need your help.

Sponsoring my moment of madness will help HeartKids fund the great work they do and continue to support families such as Jake’s.

Every spare penny counts.  I truly appreciate your support for such a personal and worthwhile cause.

(The plunge will take place during Dec 26, 2012 and Jan 14, 2013 – stay tuned for photos and videos)   

You can learn more about the work HeartKids does here


(Cuddles with a healthy and gorgeous nephew in 2009)


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