Bamburgh Castle – A Highlight of Northumberland, UK

Bamburgh Castle is one of Northumberland’s most iconic sights and is symbolic of what makes the region such a great place to visit: a combination of beautiful landscape, sandy beaches, rugged coastline and historical castles.

Sunrise at Bamburgh, Northumberland, UK

(Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland – shortly after sunrise)

In September last year, I had just returned to the UK after my latest career break.  Six months had flown by and a travel itinerary lead by my new passion for landscape and wildlife photography had taken me to the Arctic, South Africa and back home to Australia where I spent four months in the country I’d left more than a decade ago.

I was comfortable in my decision to return to London, secure in my plan to continue living life as a ‘professional career breaker’ for the foreseeable future, and accepting that this meant I had to return to the ‘career’ side of it for a while.

But I wasn’t quite ready to unpack and put down my camera, so within a few days of being back, I hopped on a train to Morpeth, hired a car and drove towards the Northumberland Coast.

Breaking dawn at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK

(Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland – at sunrise)

It felt quite inexcusable that I had lived in London since 2000 and this was my first visit to Northumberland, a location within easy reach of London that provided such great photography opportunities.  And within the first few hours of exploring the beautiful countryside, rugged coastline and historical castles, I vowed it wouldn’t be my last.

And next week I am returning!

The main reason for a five day weekend in Northumberland next week is to indulge my love of wildlife photography with a visit to the bird colonies of the Farne Islands.  The timing also coincides nicely with one of my friends being in the area.  And it gives me the opportunity to visit (and photograph) one of my favourite locations in the county – Bamburgh Castle.

Bamburgh Castle at dusk (Northumberland, UK)2

(Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland – late afternoon)

Bamburgh Castle was once home to the kings of ancient Northumbria.  Whilst the structure seen today is relatively  young (built by Lord Armstrong in late Victorian times), the site itself has had a number of settlements dating back to prehistoric times.  One version of the castle was destroyed by Edward IV during the War of the Roses and the site is often the subject of archeological searches and incredible finds.  Put simply, it reeks of history!

A castle…and a castle…at Bamburgh, Northumberland, UK

(Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland – late afternoon)

Although it’s possible to enter the castle that has 14 public rooms and more than 2,000 artefacts, I prefer to enjoy from the outside.  Mainly, so I can indulge my love of landscape photography.  As the light changes throughout the day, so does the atmosphere of the castle which encourages my imagination to run wild as I picture myself standing in the same spot at various times throughout history.  What would be happening around me a hundred years ago, five hundred years ago, eight hundred years ago?

Bamburgh Castle_Northumberland_UK_Kellie_Netherwood-3

(Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland – sunset)

So as I’ve got myself out of bed and into the office this week, I’ve been motivated by the thought of picking up my camera again next week.  I feel energised by the thought of returning to a location I love to photograph, exploring the Farne Islands for the first time and hopefully capturing lots of great shots of puffins and the other seabirds that inhabit the island during their breeding season.

But that’s for another post…!



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  1. Nice photos as always. Have fun next week.

  2. Look so amazing! Stunning!

  3. I’m always guilty of never travelling as much in England as I should do but one of the places most recommended to me is Northumberland and its coastline. This castle looks so beautiful! Lovely photos – I really hope to make it there one day!

    • I was guilty of the same thing when I lived in Australia! I guess I make the effort more here, because even though I’ve lived here for nearly 15 years, I still feel like a “visitor” at times. Looking forward to seeing the castle again this week and reminding myself why I was looking forward to returning!

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