Travel Photo Tuesday: In the Kitchen, Malawi

When I joined these women for a day in a village in Malawi, I learned that whilst the preparation, cooking and cleaning responsibilities are very clearly defined as “woman’s work” the kitchen is not just a place of chores.  It’s the place they relax into social interaction, free to chat, giggle and gossip to their […]

Photo of the Week: Faces of Africa

I recently wrote that the opportunity to interact with and learn from so many different people around the world is my favourite aspect of travel.  One of my most memorable locations for this is Africa where I spent three months over-landing through the East and Southern countries of the continent.  Although observing the wildlife of […]

ON THE MENU: 3 Steps to Nsima in Malawi

ON THE MENU is a collection of the unique foods I have come across on my international travels – sometimes mouth watering, at times stomach turning and often downright bizarre One of the highlights of my three month adventure in East and Southern Africa was an afternoon spent in a village in Malawi.  Whilst the […]

Why I’m Supporting WATER AID’s “The Big Dig”

In 2009 I was lucky enough to spend three months over-landing through Africa in what I can only describe as an experience of a lifetime.  A continent rich in resources, culture and wildlife, plagued by the horrors of civil war, genocide and famine is one that created a rollercoaster of conflicting emotions that continues to […]