Photo of the Week: A Hazy Weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  I just spent three days visiting friends in Kuala Lumpur and arrived the same day the haze arrived from the fires in Indonesia. It really put the disgraceful situation in perspective seeing – and breathing – it in person. The city view from my friend’s balcony was blanketed by a thick and hazardous haze, […]

PHOTO GALLERY: Malaysia (Cameron Highlands & Melaka)

Malaysia Peninsula didn’t make it on my itinerary of my 2009/2010 career break but I was fortunate to experience the Cameron Highlands and Melaka earlier this year as I chose to break up the long Australia/UK flight with a stopover.  It was a decision I didn’t regret! Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Large Green Carpet in Malaysia

What has  inspired me to select one of my favourite images taken on a trip to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia earlier this year?  Malaysia has been on my mind lately as I miss some close friends who recently left London for a new adventure in KL.  I am also looking forward to getting back into the great […]