Planning a Northern Lights Travel Adventure: Common FAQs

The Northern Lights have been calling out to travellers, photographers, scientists and astrologers for centuries.  They have been mystified and romanticised by indigenous folklore, they ignite and excite scientific minds, and they captivate the imagination of all who stand beneath them. Wanting to experience the Northern Lights drives many winter travel itineraries and more and […]

How to Photograph the Northern Lights: A Step by Step Guide

(This post has been updated – 31 March, 2017) Let’s assume you’ve done your research and selected a time of year and location that increases your chances of seeing the Northern Lights.  Let’s assume the conditions and an element of luck are on your side and they are dancing in the sky above you.  Let’s […]

What Camera Do I Need to Photograph the Northern Lights?

Experiencing the Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime adventure for many people and as such, they want a photograph of the experience.  But a lack of research and planning can result in bitter disappointment, as some bring a camera that cannot do the lights justice and others don’t even try, assuming they need […]

Planning a Northern Lights Trip? 5 Things You Need to Know.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that has been inspiring scientists, astrologers, photographers and travellers for many years.  It is becoming one of the most popular winter holiday choices for people who are buying a winter jacket and heading north to experience the lights for themselves. But as you plan your Northern lights trip […]

New Year’s Eve under the Northern Lights – Lofoten Islands

I started 2013 on a ship sailing towards Antarctica.  I ended it standing under the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands. As far as memorable New Year Eve’s go, these are going to be hard to beat.  They provided the perfect book-ends to a magical year dominated by travel and photography.  The Northern Lights (or […]

Exploring Oslo: Vigeland Sculpture Park

Norway’s capital has enough attractions and things to do to warrant more than a day’s visit.  But my first visit to Oslo was en route to the Arctic and the time I had available to explore the picturesque mix of old and new was limited to a day. When I asked the question “what should […]