Tips for Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

An encounter with mountain gorillas is becoming one of Africa’s most popular wildlife activities and is Rwanda’s top tourist attraction. The opportunity to sit in close proximity to these critically endangered primates in their natural habitat is extraordinary. It’s an unforgettable travel experience that has brought me to Rwanda not once – but twice. My […]

Tips for Photographing Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Park in Japan

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions, for observing and photographing snow monkeys at close proximity. Tourists, nature lovers and photographers regularly head to the park near Nagano for a closer look at the animals officially known as Japanese macaques, particularly in winter months when they descend each day from the […]

10 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

The opportunity to see wildlife in its natural environment has become a key feature of my travel adventures in recent years. Not only has it taken me to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, it has provided me with some spectacular photographic opportunities. Along the way I’ve learned that whilst ultimately rewarding, […]

Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide: How to Photograph the Stars

A star-filled sky is one of my favourite photography subjects and the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way often influences my travel plans.  It’s not just the resulting visual image I find rewarding, but the experience itself.  I love the opportunity to get away from the city and into remote and quiet locations.  I enjoy […]

7 Reasons to Join a Photography Tour

Whether you are a traveller who takes photographs or an amateur photographer who travels, a photography tour is a great way to improve your skills whilst exploring new destinations with like-minded people. I usually choose to travel solo.  I love the freedom it creates with the ability to adapt to my surroundings with a flexible […]

16 Tips for Photographing Wildlife and Landscape in Antarctica

Practical tips for photographing wildlife and landscape in Antarctica: for those shooting with DSLR or point and shoot cameras.   Having made the decision to return to Antarctica at the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting on my first adventure as I plan the second. Over the past two weeks, I’ve shared my answers […]

Preparing for a Trip to Antarctica: FAQs (Part 4: Photography Equipment)

The decision to travel to Antarctica is a big one. It requires a commitment of both time and money and involves more planning and preparation than most other trips. But like all great travel adventures, this is part of the overall experience and part of the fun. Having made the decision to return to Antarctica […]

Photography Tips for Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Karijini, Western Australia’s second largest National Park, is a photographer’s playground.  Whether you are a traveller who takes photos or a photographer who travels, you will find yourself overwhelmed with inspiration and opportunities. But to get the most out of such a unique and dramatic location, a little preparation goes a long way. For travel […]

How to Photograph the Northern Lights: A Step by Step Guide

(This post has been updated – 31 March, 2017) Let’s assume you’ve done your research and selected a time of year and location that increases your chances of seeing the Northern Lights.  Let’s assume the conditions and an element of luck are on your side and they are dancing in the sky above you.  Let’s […]

What Camera Do I Need to Photograph the Northern Lights?

Experiencing the Northern Lights is a once in a lifetime adventure for many people and as such, they want a photograph of the experience.  But a lack of research and planning can result in bitter disappointment, as some bring a camera that cannot do the lights justice and others don’t even try, assuming they need […]

20 Tips for Better Travel Photographs: Expensive Camera Not Required

“What a fantastic photograph, you must have a great camera”. This is without doubt the most annoying thing you can say to a photographer, even an enthusiastic amateur like myself (closely followed by “you must have photo-shopped that”). It’s the same as complimenting a chef with “you must have a top range oven”, assuming an […]

Photography: Shooting Stars in Drakensberg, South Africa

“That’s a great photo – you must have a great camera”   Ask photographers of all levels what comment annoys them most and this is probably it. A great photograph is created from a recipe of mixed ingredients.   And as quality equipment is just one ingredient, having “all the gear and no idea” is unlikely […]

Exploring Australia: 5 Great Photography Locations in Tasmania

(Eddystone Point, Tasmania) My passion for travel is motivated by a desire to live life instead of existing through it. My passion for photography is motivated by a desire to share these experiences with others – the landscapes that have mesmerized me, the wildlife that has intoxicated me, the people who have inspired me and […]

10 Things To Photograph in Tasmania, Australia

(View of Cradle Mountain, taken from Hansons Peak) It took me 38 years, 51 countries and 7 continents before I set foot on Australia’s southern-most state, Tasmania.  This may not sound like a big deal – except that I am Australian! I have travelled all over the world in search of adventure, to enjoy breath-taking […]

Through The Lens: Kangaroo Island Landscapes (& Tips)

Exploring and photographing the diverse Kangaroo Island landscapes (Fisherman’s Jetty, Kingscote) Kangaroo Island is a location I had inexcusably neglected during the decade I lived in Adelaide.  But a recent and temporary return, with a newfound photography passion, has motivated me to explore the the nearby attractions of the place I once called home, through new […]

Antarctica FAQ: What Photography Equipment Should I Pack?

The Question: What photography equipment should I take to Antarctica? The Answer: This completely depends on the type of photographer you are, but take something!  Even if you don’t usually take photographs when you travel, you will find yourself constantly snapping away at wildlife and landscape that is difficulty to put into words.   Here are […]

Planning for Antarctica (Part 4): Photography Equipment

Last night I had a dream (or rather, nightmare) that I arrived in Antarctica without my camera.  With only 13 sleeps until I head to the airport, it’s time to revisit my photography checklist. The aspect of my upcoming Antarctica trip I am most excited about is the unique photography opportunities it will present. I […]

PHOTO STORY: 7 Things I Learned on a Photography Workshop in Scotland

DESTINATION UNKNOWN recently became DESTINATION SCOTLAND as I joined professional photographer Glen Campbell for a customised one-to-one photography workshop/tour in the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye. Glen patiently and enthusiastically shares his expertise with eager amateurs such as myself (and photographers of all levels) on group or individual workshops in a number of locations […]

5 Ways to be Inspired at Home – for Amateur Travel Photographers

5 Ways To Be Inspired at Home – for Amateur Travel Photographers I have always enjoyed taking photographs but it wasn’t until I started to explore the world in earnest that I developed an interest in creating images rather than simply snapping memories.  After fifteen months of travel, more than 10,000 captured memories and five […]