Top 15 People and Cultural Photos of 2015

I’ve spent the last few days looking back at 2015 by reflecting on the destinations I’ve enjoyed this year, the wildlife I’ve photographed and the landscapes that have taken my breath away. My reflection ends today with my favourite people and cultural photographs, taken in Madagascar, Kenya and Ethiopia. Now it’s all about 2016…I already […]

Top 20 Landscape Photos of 2015

I started by reflecting on the destinations I’ve travelled to this year, I followed up with a countdown of my top 20 wildlife photos and I continue today with my favourite landscape photos taken on my travels this year. Yes – I’ve joined the bandwagon and am reflecting on the ‘year that was’! 20. Windy […]

10 Night Skies Worth Staying Outside For

A star filled sky is one of my favourite sights, as both a photographer and a traveller.  As a photographer, the creative opportunities are endless: different foregrounds, light painting, star trails, milky way shots, the list goes on.  As a traveller, the opportunity to gaze up at the stars takes me back to my childhood […]

10 Sunrises Worth Setting the Alarm For

When I was younger, a sunrise used to be something I accidentally stumbled across when it presented itself at the end of a really great party.  But as travel and photography becomes increasingly imbedded in my life, I find myself setting my alarm for an early rise more and more often.  There is something special […]

#ExploreTheElements Photography Contest

I love a photography contest that encourages me to look at my photographs through different eyes.  And that’s what the latest photo blogging contest, Explore the Elements, is doing with it’s categories of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These are my entries: EARTH Wild. rugged, unpredictable and spectacular – this is Torres del Paine at sunset, […]

Thoughts You May Relate to if You Are Turning 40 This Year

Turning 40 years old:  milestone or just another day? This weekend my nephew will be celebrating his 6th birthday in Australia with cake, presents, games and a party. Like all kids his age, he is approaching it with enthusiasm and excitement. After all, this is a milestone: he is a year older and this means […]

2 Years of Destination Unknown – and 9 Reasons to Start a Travel Blog

  As I celebrate two years of travel blogging, I reflect on what motivates me to keep doing it. This week is Destination Unknown’s second birthday.  It’s been a rather low-key affair.  There’s no party, no cake, no presents: just a moment of reflection on the decision I made two years ago to create and […]

Still On The Bucket List: 5 Locations I Dream of Visiting

“No matter how far you travel there is always further to go.” A friend once referred to one of my career breaks as “a great way to get this obsession with travel out of your system”.  Another friend and regular traveller said, “you don’t grow out of travel, you grow into it”. I chose to […]

12 Valentine’s Day Personalities: Presented by the Animal Kingdom

The extent to which you celebrate or even acknowledge Valentine’s Day depends on where you are in the world, your relationship status and your attitude to love and romance in general. I’m a bit of a cynic and have always viewed it as a bit of a Hallmark Card day – but maybe that’s because […]

Winter Christmas or Summer Christmas? What is Better?

I don’t know how old I was when I first realised my Christmas did not resemble that of a Hallmark card.  But I do remember there was a point when the penny dropped.  It was probably around the same time I smugly realised I received all my presents from Santa before kids in the UK […]

2013 Travel Highlights: Top 10 Landscape Photographs

Top 10 Landscape Photographs of 2013 Travels This was the year I noticed a shift in my travel style.  Instead of being a traveller who takes photographs, I felt more like a photographer who travels.  Instead of an extra pair of shoes, I packed an extra camera lens.  Instead of feeling bored whilst queuing at the […]

2013 Travel Highlights: Top 10 Travel Quotes

My social media feeds are increasingly dominated by beautiful landscape photographs covered with inspirational quotes.  I find them irritating or inspiring, depending what mood I’m in. You know the ones I mean?  If you find them irritating, then you’re really going to hate this post! But if at this time of year, you find yourself […]

2013 Travel Highlights: Top 10 Locations

It’s that time of year again!  Newspapers reflect on the “year that was”, magazines publish their “best of” lists and TV stations screen their annual “countdown” programs.  So I’m joining in with my Top 10 Locations of the year! As individuals, we inevitably reflect on the year gone by, celebrating our achievements and lamenting our […]

Travel Photography: Capture The Colour Contest #CTC13

It’s that time of year again when The Travel Supermarket inspires travel bloggers to search through their photo databases and enter their Capture the Colour Contest. Thanks to Annie at Travelshus, I’ve been ‘tagged’ and here are my entries: Red As we landed on Saunders Island in the Falkland Islands, we were reminded of the “5 […]

Single Supplement: Unfair or Inevitable Cost for the Solo Traveller

“How many of you are interested in booking this trip?  Oh, just you?  Well that will be an additional £300.” Sigh… I had just run into the solo traveller’s greatest enemy: The Single Supplement. As the world grows smaller through technological advances, travel has become increasingly accessible and affordable, and more people than ever are […]

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Reflections

Phew – I’ve made it!  I’ve survived the month of April, I’ve posted every day except Sundays, and I’ve completed the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Now it’s time for a little reflection…     The Positives: – I noticed a significant increase in my blog traffic, comments and attracted some new followers.  My new […]

The Travel Bucket List

As the month of April draws to a close, so does the A to Z Blogging Challenge that I’ve been participating in, that had a Travel Bucket List theme. During the challenge I’ve been reflecting on past travels and planning and/or dreaming of future ones.  In other words – I’ve been updating my bucket list! […]

Travel Ideas: Q is for…Quench Your Thirst…

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, an initiative that invites bloggers to post an alphabet-themed post every day (excluding Sundays) during the month of April.  As part of this challenge, I’ll be sharing my experience of a destination or activity to help inspire your TRAVEL BUCKET LIST, in addition to an item that still remains on […]

#AtoZChallenge: Half-Time Break from the Travel Bucket List Inspiration List

Having reached the half way mark of the A to Z Blogging Challenge, it’s time for a little break and reflection. I decided to take part in this year’s #AtoZChallenge for three reasons: to try and improve my blogging/writing skills under the pressure of self-imposed daily deadlines to meet, interact with and learn from other […]

Travel Ideas: G is for…Go Solo

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, an initiative that invites bloggers to post an alphabet-themed post every day (excluding Sundays) during the month of April.  As part of this challenge, I’ll be sharing my experience of a destination or activity to help inspire your TRAVEL BUCKET LIST, in addition to an item that still remains on […]