Know Before You Go: 14 Travel Tips for Madagascar

Influenced by its early Asian settlers and proximity to the African mainland, Madagascar has been ultimately – and uniquely – shaped by its geographical isolation. It’s the oldest and fourth largest island in the world, with the topographical and climatic diversity of a small continent. It’s an irresistible location for lovers of the great outdoors, […]

The 10 Commandments of Solo Travel

People choose to travel on their own through desire, necessity or both.  It’s by far my favourite way to travel: I love the freedom it gives me, the ability to adapt to my surroundings with a flexible itinerary and mindset, and the opportunity to follow my own path both spiritually and geographically.  I have found it […]

Travel Tips: The Azores, Portugal

(Moon rising over Pico Mountain) Perfect for photographers, hikers and general lovers of the great outdoors, the Azores offer a number of activities and highlights that seems out of proportion with the size and tranquillity of these picturesque islands. I have a confession to make.  If you mentioned the Azores to me six months ago, […]

Survival Tips: The Challenge of Returning Home From Long Term Travel

The adjustment phase is the inevitable epilogue to all great travel adventures and something every returning long-term traveller can relate to.  It’s a challenging period – but these survival tips may just help you get through it.    I recently reunited with some traveller friends of mine, who were heading home after two and a half years […]

Returning Home from Long Term Travel: The Adjustment Challenge

The adjustment phase is something every returning long-term traveller can relate to.  It’s unsettling, it’s challenging and it features a rollercoaster of emotions.  It’s the inevitable epilogue to all great travel adventures. One of the things I love most about travel is the people you meet along the way.  Especially when you have the opportunity […]

Travel Planning & Tips for Karijini NP, Western Australia

Oxers Lookout – Sunset About Karijini National Park Karijini is Western Australia’s second largest national park, sitting 1,400km north of Perth, 275km south of Port Headland and 100km north east of Tom Price, in Western Australia’s North-West Pilbara region. It’s one of Western Australia’s most popular attractions and for good reason.  Visitors are rewarded with […]

Planning a Northern Lights Travel Adventure: Common FAQs

The Northern Lights have been calling out to travellers, photographers, scientists and astrologers for centuries.  They have been mystified and romanticised by indigenous folklore, they ignite and excite scientific minds, and they captivate the imagination of all who stand beneath them. Wanting to experience the Northern Lights drives many winter travel itineraries and more and […]

Planning a Northern Lights Trip? 5 Things You Need to Know.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that has been inspiring scientists, astrologers, photographers and travellers for many years.  It is becoming one of the most popular winter holiday choices for people who are buying a winter jacket and heading north to experience the lights for themselves. But as you plan your Northern lights trip […]

What is the Best Age to Travel?

Question:   What is the best age to travel? Answer:      The age you are right now! My perfect world fantasy begins with a self-replenishing bank account.  It includes an empty diary, a rucksack that is always packed and the ability to head off adventures at a moment’s notice.  In my perfect world fantasy […]

Through The Lens: Kangaroo Island Landscapes (& Tips)

Exploring and photographing the diverse Kangaroo Island landscapes (Fisherman’s Jetty, Kingscote) Kangaroo Island is a location I had inexcusably neglected during the decade I lived in Adelaide.  But a recent and temporary return, with a newfound photography passion, has motivated me to explore the the nearby attractions of the place I once called home, through new […]

Antarctica: 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Travel Experience

  A travel adventure to Antarctica is often described as ‘the trip of a lifetime’ and the cost, distance and effort to get there keep it well and truly off the beaten track.  I had always dreamed of joining the small number of travellers who set foot on the world’s southernmost continent and I recently […]

The Solo Female Traveller Debate: Asking the Right Questions

If you are familiar with my blog, you will notice I tend to stay away from controversial topics.  I share my experiences to inspire others, not to provoke them or to create a heated debate.  This is partly because I find it sometimes invites those with extreme views to verbally attack others without the capability […]

How To Survive the End of a Career Break: 4 Tips

Halfway into my career break a traveller enjoying a two week holiday in Tanzania asked me what the hardest thing about it was. I didn’t need to think twice before the words started rolling off my tongue and I replied “the fact that it has to end”. I wasn’t ready for my career break to […]

Travel Misadventures: 5 Things to Remember When Things Go Wrong

If you travel long or often enough, it is inevitable – something will go wrong.  I’m not talking about life-threatening incidents that fingers crossed, we all manage to avoid whilst on the road.  I’m referring to those moments or events that irritate even the most experienced traveler – plane delays, bus breakdowns, stolen bags, over-booked […]

15 Tips on Responsible Travel to Myanmar

I first visited Myanmar in December 2010 shortly after the elections took place, an event that received mixed reactions internationally and signalled that a potential change was on the horizon. The release of Aung San Suu Kyi from decades of house arrest became a key catalyst for the international community lifting the informal travel boycott […]