Earth Day 2014: Celebrating Nature Through a Lens


Earth Day 2014:

Earth Day is recognised on 22 April each year to promote awareness and appreciation of the earth’s environment.  It inspires a number of activities across the world – from planting trees, collecting trash, participation in recycling and conservation activities, airing of environment related programs, festivals and rallies and petitions calling for stronger action to protect our environment.

It’s a day to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful our planet is.  It’s a day to recognise how integral the environment is to our survival.  And it’s a day to acknowledge that we – humans – are it’s greatest threat.

The Natural World Through a Lens

My passion for travel and photography has taken me to some incredible locations over the past few years.  And I constantly find myself torn between the excitement of seeing such beautiful environments first hand and the fear that future generations may not have the same opportunity.

Earth Day is a great reminder that the actions of all of us, however great or small. have an impact on the world around us.  The environment and human beings share a special connection – but the reality is that one cannot survive without the other.

Some of these photos were taken in locations that are currently under environment threats whilst others simply reminded me how beautiful the world can be.

 Sea Ice in the Svalbard Arctic

Sea Ice in the Svalbard Arctic


Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) – protected as a UNESCO Heritage Site


Pieman River, Corrina, Tasmania, Australia.

Zodiac Cruising - Petermann Island, Antarctica

Humpback Whale in its natural environment – Antarctica

Nature's Window, Kalbarri Gorge, Western Australia

Nature’s Window, Kalbarri Gorge, Western Australia

Pleneau Bay, Antarctica

“Iceberg Graveyard” – Pleneau Bay, Antarctica


Polar Bears in Spitsbergen, Arctic


Milky Way in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes, Western Australia

Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes, Western Australia


Raindrop – Styx Valley of the Giants, Tasmania, Australia

Kittiwakes on ice_Arctic

Kittiwakes on Ice – Svalbard Arctic


Star Trails over Drakensberg, South Africa


Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

King Penguin Colony – Salisbury Plain, South Georgia


Knox Gorge, Karijini, Western Australia

Monacobreen in Liefdefjord

Creation of an iceberg – Monacobreen, Liefdelfjord, Arctic

Morning light - Wilpena Pound (from Puglist Lookout Road), Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Wilpena Pound – Flinders Ranges, South Australia


Aurora Borealis – Lofoten Islands, Norway

Monacobreen in Liefdefjord

Monacobreen in Liefdefjord

Sunrise - Picnic Rocks, Deep Creek

Picnic Rocks, Deep Creek – Tasmania, Australia




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