Remote, Rugged, Wild and Spectacular: This is East Greenland

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I look out the window as the rising sun creates warm reflections on the glass-like water. As I step out on deck however, a bitter wind reminds me that I am in a land of extremes and I rub my hands together in a futile attempt to feel warmer.

The vast and dramatic landscape that dominates the scene in front of me helps reduce the discomfort of the cold. Instead, I feel an energy created by the adrenaline-fuelled reminder of where I am.

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A large iceberg floats into my view, uniquely shaped by its journey through the world’s longest fjord. It is one of many dramatic ice formations on the water, its jagged edges softened by the first light of day as a sky of pink hues completes the idyllic picture.

I close my eyes and breathe in the clean and crisp air. Only a few hours earlier I was standing in the same spot, fixated on shadows in the sky that morphed from faint cloud-like formations into a vibrant dancing aurora. Each hour in this part of the world provides changing light from which a different perspective of the wild and rugged landscape emerges.

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Although I am sharing this adventure with 57 other passengers, I start today on my own, alone on the deck of Quark Expedition’s Ocean Nova. I feel both insignificant and alive. I feel energized by the deafening silence. I feel overwhelmed but at peace.

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I am in a truly spectacular part of the world, a wild and remote location that is full of contrasts. It’s the world’s largest island but is home to only 56,224 permanent residents. It sits under a sky that is lit by the midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter. It is physically connected to North America but culturally closer to Europe. It is a self-governing division of Denmark but its nearest neighbor is Iceland.

It’s a land that is shaped both geographically and culturally by the ice cap that covers 80% of it.

It is remote. It is rugged. It is wild. It is spectacular.

This is Greenland.

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I’ve just returned from an incredible journey through the spectacular fjords of East Greenland, treated to exceptional weather conditions and diverse and dramatic landscapes. I look forward to sharing more photos and stories from this journey with you in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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  1. wow! The photo amazing! and your travel story is amazing too..

  2. Hi Kellie,
    I’m in the middle of planning an upcoming trip to Antarctica and happened upon your wonderful blog. Your photography is just beyond words and incredibly inspiring! I really enjoyed the posts from Antarctica and will be following along vicariously in Greenland!
    Mary Greenberg

    • I’m so excited for your upcoming Antarctica trip, you are in for an amazing time, its the most incredible place in the world!! Thanks for visiting and I look forward to sharing more of Greenland with you over the coming weeks.

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