Travel Inspiration: Kangaroo Island, Australia


(sunrise at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island)

Let’s start this post with a little experiment.

Close you eyes and think of Australia. What immediately comes to mind?

Do you hear the sound of waves crashing into lichen-covered rocks? Do you feel the soft sand beneath your feet as you walk along the white sandy shore? Is the ocean a foreground to a fiery red sunrise, a bright midday sun or a sky filled with pastel hues as the sun sets to end another day?

Or are you in the outback? Are you watching kangaroos and wallabies hop across the vast countryside as you nervously look at the ground for snakes that make have crossed your path? Have you spotted a koala yet or do you just see magpies in the trees? You hear the laugh of a kookaburra but can you see it?

What will you have for dinner? Will you grab a meat pie and iced coffee from the local bakery, sit down for a veal schnitzel and beer at the local pub or will you end the day with juicy steak and glass of local red wine?

Where are you staying? Are you sleeping in the comfort of luxury accommodation? Are you enjoying a friendly welcome at a beachfront motel? Are you self-catering in a holiday home or have you ventured off the beaten track on a farm or even an old lighthouse cottage? Are you saving money in a caravan park or have you just pitched your tent under a sky littered with stars?

Now…are you in Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island offers all of the above and more: diverse landscapes, active and unique wildlife, friendly locals, and a range of accommodation and activities to suit every traveller.

This small island – it’s only 155km in length – is only a hop, skip and jump away from Adelaide, yet feels like a world away once you arrive. It is the perfect location to unwind, relax and enjoy some of the best wildlife and landscape Australia has to offer.


(Sunset at Admirals Arch, Kangaroo Island)


I’m currently spending a couple of months recharging and re-energising in Adelaide, before picking up my backpack and hitting the road again. It’s provided a nice balance of catching up with friends and family with the opportunity to explore the place I once called home…through new eyes.

After a detour to Tasmania, I followed up with a couple of days in the Fleurieu Peninsula and recently enjoyed the autumn colours in the Adelaide Hills.

Next on my list was Kangaroo Island.

In less than an hour from leaving my room in Adelaide I found myself walking towards my rental car in the Kingscote airport car park, ready for 5 days on this island I had heard so much about but had inexcusably neglected during my time in Adelaide.

I’ll be sharing what I discovered in these upcoming posts:

Through the Lens: Kangaroo Island – Wildlife 
Through the Lens: Kangaroo Island – Landscape


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  1. Those photos are FANTASTIC! You make my eyes happy. I know exactly where both of those places are. Such a stunning little piece of paradise!

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