Photo Gallery: Gentoo Penguins of Antarctica

During my three week adventure in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica I was lucky enough to be entertained by seven different species of penguins – the rockhopper, magellanic, king, chinstrap, adelie, macaroni and gentoo.  Each species possesses their own distinct features and personalities but they all adopt the same school-yard antics within their colonies.

The gentoo penguin has a distinctive white stripe across the top of its head and a bright orange bill.  They are strong swimmers and divers and are the fastest of the penguins underwater.  It felt like they were taking the journey with us as we first met them in the Falkland Islands, they were spotted a number of times in the water alongside the ship and provided a number of entertaining moments on the Antarctic peninsula.

As I watched mothers feeding their chicks, nesting on their eggs, collecting (or stealing) rocks to build their nests, bullies asserting their authority and others sharing endearing and affectionate moments, I was reminded I was in a very special part of the world.  I was on the outside looking in on their world – just as nature intended.

These are just a few of the entertaining antics of the gentoo penguins.




























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