Postcards from Madagascar


Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-19.jpgSunset at Avenue of the Baobabs

Like all great travel adventures, my time in Madagascar has been a paradox, seemingly standing still at times whilst racing away at others.  It’s hard to believe my month here ends tomorrow.  My mind is overflowing with memories to hold onto and stories to share – and my laptop is overflowing with photographs I’ve not yet had time to process.

I arrived in the country with high expectations and I leave with them exceeded.  The wildlife was unique, the landscape diverse, the culture fascinating and the people warm, friendly and incredibly welcoming.

So as I wind down from my time in Madagascar and get ready for my three months volunteering in Ethiopia, I leave you with some of the photographs I have processed from this trip, a prelude to more images and stories I hope to share over the coming month.

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-2.jpgDiademed Sifaka – Andasibe NP

Breaching Humpback Whale_Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood.jpgBreaching Humpback Whale – Ile Sainte Marie

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-7.jpgMilky Way – Ranohira

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-18.jpgLocal Fisherman – on the road to Baobabs in Love

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-5.jpgRing Tailed Lemurs with one week old baby – Anja Community Reserve

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-10.jpgLocal children – Anakao

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-14.jpgTsiribihina River

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-4.jpgBlue-Legged Chameleon – Andasibe NP

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood.jpgGiraffe Necked Weavil – Andasibe NP

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-8.jpgVerreaux’s Sifaka – Zombitse NP

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-9.jpgSunset – Ile Sainte Marie

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-6.jpgRed-Fronted Brown Lemur – Isalo

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-11.jpgLocal child – Anakao

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-3.jpgIndri – Andasibe NP

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-17.jpgStar Trail – Tsiribihina River

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-16.jpgChildren in village by Tsiribihina River

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-13.jpgCoqueral Sifaka – Lemurs Park, Tana

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-15.jpgLocal Fishermen – Tsiribihina River

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-20.jpgFosa – Kirindy Reserve

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood-12.jpgMilky Way – Anakao


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Breaching Humpback Whales at Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar
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