Postcards from Rwanda: Gorillas and Beyond

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-14Many foreigners associate Rwanda with two things – mountain gorillas and the 1994 genocide. But the attractions of this small land-locked country in East Africa extend beyond tracking the world’s largest primate in its natural habitat. And whilst the genocide is an unforgettable chapter in the country’s history, Rwanda is now considered one of Africa’s safest and most peaceful countries.

My first visit to Rwanda was in 2009, a three-day detour from a multi-month overland trip through east and southern Africa. It only took those few days for Rwanda to get under my skin and I left the country with a dream of returning one day to explore it further – beyond the gorillas. It’s a dream I have just fulfilled.

Over the past two weeks, Rwanda has felt like an oasis, an inspiring escape from the uncertainty, division, fear and controversial politics currently plaguing the western world.
Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-9
My travels have taken me through Kigali, Akagera National Park, Nyanza, Butare, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Lake Kivu, Volcanoes National Park and the twin lakes of Burera and Rohunda.

I’ve discovered a peaceful country of unrelenting natural beauty, encountered spectacular wildlife and met friendly people excited about their future.

I’ve learned that there is more to Rwanda than the gorillas and genocide.

Rwanda has a new story to tell.

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-6More than twenty years ago in Rwanda, decades of division and instability culminated in one of the most horrific, devastating and incomprehensible genocides the world has ever seen. More than 800,000 lives were lost in just 100 days with millions more injured, displaced or forced into refugee camps. Sadly, like many African countries, its negative past is difficult to shake in the eyes of foreigners and when I told people I was travelling here, most asked “but isn’t it unsafe?”

The simply answer is no.

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-3Rwanda is currently one of the safest, cleanest, least corrupt and progressive countries in Africa, leading the way in digital technology, innovative business, gender equality and wildlife conservation. The combination of an effective government and the character of the Rwandan people is helping the country reconcile, rebuild and reunify at an inspiring rate.

Like all world leaders, Paul Kagame inevitably has his critics, but I left the country feeling that he and Rwanda have a lot to offer – and teach – the rest of the world. His effectiveness appears to be the result of a balanced approach – innovative and progressive plans for the future against giving his people the time, support and tools to heal from the horrors of 1994.

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-13
I’ve absolutely loved my time here and have felt my faith in humanity returning. It wasn’t my first trip here and it won’t be my last.

I’ll be sharing more photographs, stories and travel tips for Rwanda over the coming months, so stay tuned!

(I travelled as a solo traveller with RWANDA ECO-TOURS and can’t recommend them highly enough. My trip was not sponsored or supplemented in any way and all views in my Rwanda blog posts are completely independent based on my own experiences in the country.)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-10(Fishermen on Lake Kivu at sunset)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-5(Chimpanzee in Nyungwe Forest National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-11
(Traditional Intore Dancing – Volcanoes National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-15
(Hand of a Mountain Gorilla Silverback – Volcanoes National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-8(Sunset on Lake Kivu)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-11
(African Fish Eagle – Akagera National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-4(Chimpanzee Tracker – Nyungwe Forest National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-12
(Golden Monkey – Volcanoes National Park)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-7(Rice Terraces – south-west Rwanda)

Rwanda Postcards_Kellie Netherwood-2(Akagera National Park)


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  1. Great article and photos Kellie – I was in Rwanda in Oct, and Rwanda easily became one of my favorite countries in Africa. It is definitely the cleanest and safest in the continent. The people are amazingly resilient, and so friendly to tourists. It is definitely an undiscovered gem!

  2. Always good to see someone big up Rwanda but “Paul Kagame has his critics”, is a nice way of saying he imprisons and kills opponents, while supporting vicious armed groups in eastern DRC, that allows him to illegally exploit the region’s resources. Apart from that, I wholeheartedly support what you say, having been to the country three times and look forward to going back again.

  3. I totally agree with Jon that Rwanda is the cleanest place in Africa. It’s too bad that the history of the place does not allow us to see the beauty of Rwanda. Still in it’s natural element its great for those looking for real African travel experiences.

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