Exploring South Australia: Top 10 Inland & Outback Landscape Photographs


Near Quorn, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

(Ruins near Quorn, Flinders Ranges)

Ask locals why they love living in South Australia and you will hear a variety of reasons.

Like many people with an underlying wanderlust that won’t go away, I had a love-hate relationship with my own country before I used my passport for the first time. It felt small, it felt boring, it felt uninspiring.  I had to leave the country to appreciate it. I had to explore the rest of the world to understand how lucky I was to have been born in Australia.  I had to set foot on all seven continents before I realised Australia had some of the best landscape and wildlife in the world.

So I came back to explore part of it with my camera.

South Australia is often overshadowed by it’s more internationally recognised neighbouring States.  But visitors who make the effort to come here soon learn what the locals already know – one of it’s great attractions is the diverse and accessible countryside.

The environment is full of contrasts from the coastal regions to inland, and within the inland countryside itself.

Here are my “Top 10 Inland and Outback Landscape photographs” from my recent South Australian road trips.

10. Kangaroo Island – near Stokes Bay

Kangaroo Island

One of the highlights of Kangaroo Island is it’s diversity.  There is so much to see and do that a visit there never feels long enough.  I started the week in the Penneshaw region before driving along the popular South Coast Road towards the incredible Flinders Chase National Park.  A change of direction then provided a change of scenery and I discovered this colourful, vibrant countryside near Stokes Bay on the North Coast.


9. Flinders Ranges – from Brachina Gorge to Parachilna


As I exited Brachina Gorge and left the mountain ranges behind, I was farewelled by a pair of Australia’s most iconic animal, the kangaroo.


8. Flinders Ranges – Simplicity of the Outback

Moralana Scenic Drive

One of my favourite aspects of the Australian outback is it’s sense of isolation and solitude, as this single tree symbolised to me.


7. Iconic Australian Windmill – Southern Flinders Ranges

Near Quorn, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Windmills have been successfully pumping water into the Australian outback for more than a century and are an iconic symbol our our outback landscape.


6. Yorke Peninsula Farmland

Yorke Peninsula

An approaching storm has the potential to throw a cloud over a road trip with friends.   But when you are travelling with your camera, it opens up countless photographic opportunities.  This piece of farmland on the Yorke Peninsula was bathed in light as the sun competed with the dark clouds that announced that rain was on the way.


5. Wilpena Pound – Flinders Ranges

Sunrise - Wilpena Pound (from Pugilist Hill)

When I arrived at Pugilist Hill Lookout I was delighted to discover a kangaroo joining me to enjoy the start of a new day.  He seemed to enjoy the morning view of Wilpena Pound as much as I did.


4. Stokes Hill Lookout – Flinders Ranges

View from Stokes Hill Lookout Road, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

It isn’t just Stokes Hill Lookout that provides breath taking views in the Flinders Ranges, but the road leading to it.  I was captivated by the light falling across the landscape, providing a vibrant foreground to an otherwise dull and gloomy Wilpena Pound.


3. Ruins near Hawker


There are a number of ruins alongside the roads leading to and within the Flinders Ranges and this one near Hawker had enough character to draw me out of my car to photograph it.  I’d love to be a time traveller, capable to exploring this area at various points in time.

2. An Outback Rainbow

Near Quorn, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

I had decided to take the scenic drive to the Flinders Ranges through Clare, but heavy rain created an invisible landscape for most of the way.  As I approached Quorn however, the rain cleared and the cloudy environment was replaced with this beautiful rainbow.


1. Morning Light in the Flinders Ranges

Morning light - Wilpena Pound (from Puglist Lookout Road), Flinders Ranges, South Australia

On my first morning in the Flinders Ranges, I set my alarm and started my car whilst it was still dark outside.  The plan was to head to Pugilist Hill Lookout and start the day with a classic outback sunrise.  The fact that there were no stars in the sky didn’t fill me with confidence and when I reached the lookout I couldn’t see past my hand.  Within five minutes of driving down the hill and back onto the road, the clouds began to clear, leaving this atmospheric view of Wilpena Pound and Rawnsley Bluff.  Sometimes the best moments when things don’t go according to plan!



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  1. Awesome photos!! I spent some time in Queensland and now I’m kicking myself for not getting to the south :-p It looks like such a beautiful place. I love the one of the curious Kangaroos! Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s the problem with Australia – it’s just too big to really do it justice! Even friends and family of mine who have lived in South Australia all their lives haven’t seen it all!

  2. How on earth did you manage to get those two kangaroos to pose like that for the picture on number nine?

    Are they statues?! Crazy fortune for that.

  3. I’m so jealous of that last photos of Wilpena! Man oh man what I would pay to be able to experience that! What a beautiful shot!

    • Thanks Sam! I felt like I ‘earned’ that shot as I had spent the last 5 mornings getting into the car at 6am with my tripod and camera gear, freezing cold, only to experience a cloudy sky with no sunrise. I was finally rewarded for my efforts on my last day 🙂

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