20 Tips for Better Travel Photographs: Expensive Camera Not Required

“What a fantastic photograph, you must have a great camera”. This is without doubt the most annoying thing you can say to a photographer, even an enthusiastic amateur like myself (closely followed by “you must have photo-shopped that”). It’s the same as complimenting a chef with “you must have a top range oven”, assuming an […]

Single Supplement: Unfair or Inevitable Cost for the Solo Traveller

“How many of you are interested in booking this trip?  Oh, just you?  Well that will be an additional £300.” Sigh… I had just run into the solo traveller’s greatest enemy: The Single Supplement. As the world grows smaller through technological advances, travel has become increasingly accessible and affordable, and more people than ever are […]

15 Tips on Responsible Travel to Myanmar

I first visited Myanmar in December 2010 shortly after the elections took place, an event that received mixed reactions internationally and signalled that a potential change was on the horizon. The release of Aung San Suu Kyi from decades of house arrest became a key catalyst for the international community lifting the informal travel boycott […]

5 Ways to be Inspired at Home – for Amateur Travel Photographers

5 Ways To Be Inspired at Home – for Amateur Travel Photographers I have always enjoyed taking photographs but it wasn’t until I started to explore the world in earnest that I developed an interest in creating images rather than simply snapping memories.  After fifteen months of travel, more than 10,000 captured memories and five […]

TOP 5: Lessons Learnt from Travelling (and 20 lessons learned on the road)

Having the opportunity, freedom and desire to travel has created endless opportunities for me to visit countries outside of my own, explore different cultures and meet a variety of diverse and interesting characters.  I’ve lost count of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, but here are my most memorable. The Top 5 Things I’ve […]

“The TOP 5” – Best & Worst Things About Solo Travel

When I typed “solo travel” into Google today, it returned 60 million hits – yes, 60 million!  As the world grows smaller through technological advances and travel becomes more accessible, solo travel has increased in popularity.  The internet is full of information both from and for solo travellers, but what is it really like to […]