FAQ (Antarctica Travel): Will I Get Bored on the Ship?

(This post is based on my three-week journey on the Ocean Diamond which may include activities/resources not offered on other ships.) The Question Will I be bored at sea? The Answer Not if you ‘embrace the boredom’ and take advantage of the on-board resources and activities offered. My Experience If you ask someone what frustrates […]

Planning for Antarctica (Part 4): Photography Equipment

Last night I had a dream (or rather, nightmare) that I arrived in Antarctica without my camera.  With only 13 sleeps until I head to the airport, it’s time to revisit my photography checklist. The aspect of my upcoming Antarctica trip I am most excited about is the unique photography opportunities it will present. I […]

Planning for Antarctica (Part 3): Packing – Clothing

In Part 3 of my Antarctica Planning posts, I continue to count down to my departure date and get ready to pack. On a long LHR-LAX flight back in July, I was in desperate need of motivation to continue an office job that was making me incredibly frustrated and unhappy.  I found it in the […]

Planning for Antarctica (Part 1): FAQs

With just over a month to go until my Antarctica adventure begins, I’ll be sharing the planning phase (and my excitement) with you in a weekly post.  Part 1 begins here with answers to the most common questions I’ve been asked (and I’ve asked myself):