Iguazu Falls: Tourist Trap or Natural Wonder?

Iguazu Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.  But like all tourist attractions, visiting it creates a conflicting experience of both ‘tourists’ and the ‘attraction’.   “Excuse me – can you please take our photo?”  The couple in front of me handed me their camera and turned to pose in front of the thunderous crash […]

The Sun Sets on Ushuaia (Argentina)

In this post, the sun sets on Ushuaia – both figuratively and literally. These photos were taken soon after I arrived in Argentina’s southernmost town last month. And last week I waved goodbye to it for the foreseeable future, uncertain when – and if – I’ll be back. Ushuaia has been the bookends of both […]

El Calafate, Argentina: A Brief Glimpse at Patagonia

As I walked away from the Ocean Diamond in Ushuaia, the super yacht that had been my home for the past three weeks, I experienced a feeling of disbelief.  It couldn’t be over – not yet.  I had been soaking up the experience of living in a magical bubble, completely disconnected from the outside as […]

Photo Story: The “End of the World” in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is located at the bottom of Argentina and its population of 60,000 can lay claim to living in the world’s southernmost city.  Its location in the Tierra del Fuego region beneath the peaks of Montes Martial make it popular destination for hikers.  It’s compact size and tourist friendly amenities keep it on the backpacker […]