Returning Home from Long Term Travel: The Adjustment Challenge

The adjustment phase is something every returning long-term traveller can relate to.  It’s unsettling, it’s challenging and it features a rollercoaster of emotions.  It’s the inevitable epilogue to all great travel adventures. One of the things I love most about travel is the people you meet along the way.  Especially when you have the opportunity […]

What is the Best Age to Travel?

Question:   What is the best age to travel? Answer:      The age you are right now! My perfect world fantasy begins with a self-replenishing bank account.  It includes an empty diary, a rucksack that is always packed and the ability to head off adventures at a moment’s notice.  In my perfect world fantasy […]

A New Chapter: First Stop – Adelaide, Australia

I’ve always believed life is more about the journey than the destination which probably explains why I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up (and is also the inspiration behind the name of this website).  In 2008, during a holiday in Cambodia, I realised I had been focusing on my […]

How To Survive the End of a Career Break: 4 Tips

Halfway into my career break a traveller enjoying a two week holiday in Tanzania asked me what the hardest thing about it was. I didn’t need to think twice before the words started rolling off my tongue and I replied “the fact that it has to end”. I wasn’t ready for my career break to […]

Not Sure if You Should Take a Career Break? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions.

People can cope with change when it is forced upon them (through redundancy, personal trauma or health scares) but the fear of the unknown often keeps them in a rut of discontent when change involves making a voluntary decision. For some people making the decision to take a career break is the easiest part of […]

Career Break Planning: 5 Things I wish I’d Known 5 Years Ago

A moment of reflection this week was triggered by a question asked by EscTheCity, an entrepreneurial group of ex-city workers who continue to inspire me with tales of career changes and better work/life balance. The question was “what do you wish you’d known 5 years ago?”

6 Things You Should Know About Taking a Career Break

1. Planning is half the fun Ok ‘half’ the fun is probably a slight exaggeration, but the planning phase doesn’t have to be stressful.  Unless you are taking advantage of a change in circumstances and income such as a redundancy payment (which is unfortunately more and more common these days), chances are you have made […]

Why I Am Planning a Second Career Break

5 years ago: I was a Financial Controller in an international media company, working and playing hard, enjoying my career and life in general, but not convinced I was on the right path in life 4 years ago: I was in the middle of planning my first Career Break and was seven months away from […]