From The Arctic to Africa: Free or Lost?

There is a fine line between feeling free and lost.  And one of the greatest lessons travel has taught me is how to recognise the difference. When I began my first career break in 2009, I wasn’t searching for anything.  I simply found myself relatively commitment-free and at a stage in my career where a […]

Antarctica – South Georgia – Falkland Islands: “A Photographic Summary”

A travel experience in Antarctica is often described as ‘the trip of a lifetime’ and the cost, distance and effort to get there keeps it well and truly off the beaten track.  I recently enjoyed a three week expedition cruise with Quark Expeditions aboard the Ocean Diamond, exploring the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic […]

Inspirational Travel Quotes and Why We Travel

Travel quotes are commonly used as a source of inspiration when planning an adventure, as motivation whilst on the road and to put reflection on a past experience into words. A memorable travel quote is inspirational, insightful and relatable. A travel quote can also help verbalise why so many of us are choosing to integrate […]

Career Break Planning: 5 Things I wish I’d Known 5 Years Ago

A moment of reflection this week was triggered by a question asked by EscTheCity, an entrepreneurial group of ex-city workers who continue to inspire me with tales of career changes and better work/life balance. The question was “what do you wish you’d known 5 years ago?”