From The Arctic to Africa: Free or Lost?

There is a fine line between feeling free and lost.  And one of the greatest lessons travel has taught me is how to recognise the difference. When I began my first career break in 2009, I wasn’t searching for anything.  I simply found myself relatively commitment-free and at a stage in my career where a […]

Antarctica – South Georgia – Falkland Islands: “A Photographic Summary”

A travel experience in Antarctica is often described as ‘the trip of a lifetime’ and the cost, distance and effort to get there keeps it well and truly off the beaten track.  I recently enjoyed a three week expedition cruise with Quark Expeditions aboard the Ocean Diamond, exploring the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic […]

Inspirational Travel Quotes and Why We Travel

Travel quotes are commonly used as a source of inspiration when planning an adventure, as motivation whilst on the road and to put reflection on a past experience into words. A memorable travel quote is inspirational, insightful and relatable. A travel quote can also help verbalise why so many of us are choosing to integrate […]

Career Break Planning: 5 Things I wish I’d Known 5 Years Ago

A moment of reflection this week was triggered by a question asked by EscTheCity, an entrepreneurial group of ex-city workers who continue to inspire me with tales of career changes and better work/life balance. The question was “what do you wish you’d known 5 years ago?”

Video: 3 Years of Travel (in 3 minutes)

There’s nothing wrong with looking back at the past, especially when it inspires your future. As I start planning Career Break #2 I am inspired by the amazing travel opportunities I’ve had since my first career break in 2009/2010 and the adventures I’ve made part of my daily life since. 3 years, more than 30 countries, 6 continents…captured in 3 minutes! […]

Great Experience Idea: Mountain Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

“SHARING MY ADVENTURES TO INSPIRE YOU TO CREATE YOUR OWN” MY EXPERIENCE “Quick, stand still and get ready – they are coming towards us”. This was the moment I had been waiting for. 3 hours earlier I was standing under a tree outside the headquarters of Parc National des Volcanos, having just been introduced to our […]

38 Experiences to Add to My Bucket List

  Birthdays don’t bring out the best in me.  Instead of celebrating being another year wiser, reflecting on a year of great experiences and appreciating being healthy and having great family and friends in my life, I approach birthdays with a sense of insecurity and impending doom. 

INSPIRATION: Tourist or Traveler

46 Countries, 46 Travel Ideas to Inspire You

I am not someone who is on a quest to visit every country in the world, ticking them off a travel ‘to do’ list.  I’m someone who is on a quest to explore as much of the world as I can, learn about and appreciate diverse cultures and meet and interact with different people.  But […]


Women near Paro in Bhutan are helping build a new home for one of their neighbours.  There is nothing like the reality of life in a small Himalayan country to teach the lesson of compassion, community spirit…and carpentry.  


This week’s inspirational quote and image comes to you from the serenity, simplicity and magic that is Inle Lake, Myanmar


One of the things I love most about travelling is the new friends I meet along the way.  Some are fleeting, others become lifelong but all have enriched my life in some way.


A photo, a quote, a memory, a person…moments of INSPIRATION