Travel Photo of the Week: King Penguin Colony for #WorldWildlifeDay

This week’s travel photo is from St Andrew’s Bay in South Georgia, home to the island’s largest king penguin colony and one of the most incredible wildlife sights I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying.    And as it’s World Wildlife Day, I’ve included a second view of this incredible colony – because let’s be […]

Photo of the Week: King Penguin Colony, South Georgia

To be a Professional Career Breaker (my new self-appointed title!), you sometimes need to return to the career.  This week I found myself back in the office starting a new contract, a bitter pill to swallow after six incredible months of travel. But instead of viewing it as “first day of a new job”, I […]

20 Wildlife Encounters from Antarctica, Arctic, Africa & Australia

I was recently enjoying a drink with some friends in London, recounting tales of recent and upcoming travel adventures when one of them asked me a question: “Do you ever go on normal holidays anymore”?  My instinct was to answer “yes, of course” but then I tried to remember the last trip I enjoyed that […]