Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide: How to Photograph the Stars

A star-filled sky is one of my favourite photography subjects and the opportunity to shoot the Milky Way often influences my travel plans.  It’s not just the resulting visual image I find rewarding, but the experience itself.  I love the opportunity to get away from the city and into remote and quiet locations.  I enjoy […]

Stunning Wildlife, Culture and Landscape of Kenya, Madagascar and Ethiopia

When I arrived in Africa four months ago, I planned to update my blog from Kenya, Madagascar and Ethiopia on a regular basis. It didn’t quite go to plan. In fact, I’ve only shared five posts over a period of seventeen weeks. So what happened? Africa happened. I shouldn’t be surprised. My first experience on […]

In Pictures: Starry Skies of Madagascar

The month I spent in Madagascar in September introduced me to an extraordinary country with unique wildlife, diverse landscape, fascinating culture, an interesting history and very friendly people. Put simply – it exceeded my expectations. It also provided me with the opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite forms of photography – shooting the […]

Travel Photo of the Week: Milky Way, Esteros de Ibera (Argentina)

I love the Milky Way.  It reminds me of my childhood, growing up under the starry skies in the Australian outback – something I took for granted at the time.  This photograph was taken last month outside my room at Aguape Lodge at the Esteros del Ibera Wetlands at 4am.  I had taken some shots a few […]

Travel Photo Tuesday: Milky Way – Karijini NP, Western Australia

One of the things I love most about the Australian outback is the starry skies and in particular, the Milky Way.  And a recent stay in Karijini National Park in Western Australia provided the perfect opportunity to photograph it, especially with the permanent tent we were staying in at the Eco Retreat as a colourful […]