Travel Ideas: I is for…Inle Lake (Myanmar)

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, an initiative that invites bloggers to post an alphabet-themed post every day (excluding Sundays) during the month of April.  As part of this challenge, I’ll be sharing my experience of a destination or activity to help inspire your TRAVEL BUCKET LIST, in addition to an item that still remains on […]

5 Travel Destinations That Get Under Your Skin

Travel destinations provide different experiences for different people.  An energetic city break for one person is a stressful and tiring nightmare for someone else.  A backpacking adventure can be eye opening and exhilarating or it might feel uncomfortable and scary.   Volunteering in a developing country can be life changing for some but ethically uncomfortable for […]

Winning a Wanderlust Travel Award

I recently attended the Wanderlust 2013 Travel Awards and was both excited and flattered to be announced the winner of the Most Popular Travel Blog category for my post “15 Tips for Responsible Travel in Myanmar”. Wanderlust prides itself on being an independent, multi-award winning, leading magazine for adventurous and authentic travel.  It compliments its […]

Christmas Away From Home: Unique Travel Experiences

I sigh as I drag my weary legs up the stairs to my third floor flat in West Hampstead, craving the silence that is waiting for me on the other side of the door.  I walk in and drop my shopping bags to the floor before I’ve even closed the door.  As I close the […]

Photo Story: People of the World are “same, same but different”

I am often asked what I love most about travel.  It’s a difficult question to answer.  Is it the freedom of being away from the suffocating 9-to-5 routine in the office, is it the thrill of seeing famous landmarks in person, is it the sense of discovery felt when arriving at a new location, is it […]

A “Life Lesson” in Celebration of UN’s International Day of the Girl: 15 Travel Tips on Responsible Travel in Myanmar

Last week I explained why I was supporting the International Day of the Girl, which will be celebrated on October 11 as declared by the UN after an extensive campaign by Plan.  I recognize that I am lucky to be a female born in this modern era, having had the opportunity to finish high school, […]

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Misty Fishing on Inle Lake

This week’s photo comes from my PHOTO STORY: A Sunrise in Myanmar post, taken from a wooden boat on Inle Lake. Floating through the mist, surrounded by breath taking scenery, passing by local fishermen with their unique and iconic fishing technique feels like a form of meditation.     For more photos from the travel […]

15 Tips on Responsible Travel to Myanmar

I first visited Myanmar in December 2010 shortly after the elections took place, an event that received mixed reactions internationally and signalled that a potential change was on the horizon. The release of Aung San Suu Kyi from decades of house arrest became a key catalyst for the international community lifting the informal travel boycott […]

Memorable Moments of Insignificance in Myanmar

I am the type of traveller who loves to get off the beaten track.  I head to a destination keen to see the famous sights and the not to be missed attractions, but the highlights for me are always the ones you can’t plan.  The experiences you cannot predict in advance but end up enjoying […]

PHOTO STORY: A Sunrise in Myanmar

As I look ahead, giddy with excitment, to spending my 2012 Christmas and New Years Eve in Antarctica, I can’t help but reminisce at some other unique Christmas experiences I’ve had.  My first Christmas away from home in 2000 was in Morocco, a Muslim country that not only didn’t celebrate Christmas but was just ending Ramadan.  […]

PHOTO STORY: The Different Faces of Buddhist Monks

For those of us who grew up in a Western country and culture, the image of a Buddhist monk creates a cocktail of stereotypical adjectives – mysterious, peaceful, wise, humble – just to name a few. I’ve accumulated a year’s worth of travel in Asia and have learnt that whilst the above adjectives often apply, there […]

PHOTO STORY: Getting Around in Myanmar

I’ve lived in London since 2000 which means I have become an active participant in the local sport of ‘complaining about the transport system’.  It’s only when I visit other countries that I am often reminded how lucky we’ve got it here because: we not only have a transport system, we have options (overground train, […]


This week’s inspirational quote and image comes to you from the serenity, simplicity and magic that is Inle Lake, Myanmar