Indonesia in Pictures: People of Ubud, Bali

With its striking and contrasting landscape of rice paddies, volcanic mountains and tropical beaches, Bali is an island full of postcard-perfect opportunities for travellers interested in hiking and water-sports, vibrant bars and laid-back cafes, lively markets, luxurious spas, temples and religious festivals, yoga, meditation and more. For this reason it attracts travellers of varying ages, […]

11 Things You May Not Know About the Mursi (Omo Valley, Ethiopia)

The Omo Valley in Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most fascinating regions of cultural diversity, with nearly two-dozen tribes sharing borders in a spectacular but often inhospitable environment. One of the most recognisable and interesting of these tribes is the Mursi, a pastoral and nomadic community occupying land between the Mago and Omo rivers.  They […]

Photo Gallery: A Tribute to International Women’s Day 2013

Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. This day is designed to inspire women and celebrate their achievements and is recognised as a public holiday in 27 countries (for “women only” in three of these). As a female born in this modern era I have had the opportunity to finish high school, complete further education, […]

Photo Story: People of the World are “same, same but different”

I am often asked what I love most about travel.  It’s a difficult question to answer.  Is it the freedom of being away from the suffocating 9-to-5 routine in the office, is it the thrill of seeing famous landmarks in person, is it the sense of discovery felt when arriving at a new location, is it […]