An Antarctic Polar Plunge

A Crazy Idea is Born It began with a random question I posted on Facebook: “do you think I should do the polar plunge in Antarctica?”  The replies varied from “no way” to “you only live once, go for it” but the general theme seemed to be “rather you than me!” When I said “I’m […]

Planning for Antarctica (Part 1): FAQs

With just over a month to go until my Antarctica adventure begins, I’ll be sharing the planning phase (and my excitement) with you in a weekly post.  Part 1 begins here with answers to the most common questions I’ve been asked (and I’ve asked myself):

Why We All Need Adventure In Our Lives

Tick, tick, tick…I glanced up at the slowest clock in the world with hands that seemed to be moving in reverse as I sat in front of my computer, enduring the suffering that only other office workers can understand.  My eyes glazed over as I tried to concentrate on the spread-sheet in front of me […]