The 10 Commandments of Solo Travel

People choose to travel on their own through desire, necessity or both.  It’s by far my favourite way to travel: I love the freedom it gives me, the ability to adapt to my surroundings with a flexible itinerary and mindset, and the opportunity to follow my own path both spiritually and geographically.  I have found it […]

Single Supplement: Unfair or Inevitable Cost for the Solo Traveller

“How many of you are interested in booking this trip?  Oh, just you?  Well that will be an additional £300.” Sigh… I had just run into the solo traveller’s greatest enemy: The Single Supplement. As the world grows smaller through technological advances, travel has become increasingly accessible and affordable, and more people than ever are […]

The Solo Female Traveller Debate: Asking the Right Questions

If you are familiar with my blog, you will notice I tend to stay away from controversial topics.  I share my experiences to inspire others, not to provoke them or to create a heated debate.  This is partly because I find it sometimes invites those with extreme views to verbally attack others without the capability […]