Exploring East Greenland: The Sun Sets on Scoresby Sund

Time feels as frozen as the icebergs floating on the bay in front of me. My mind has stopped wandering, incapable of focusing on anything but the moment I am in. My eyes are fixated on the seemingly motionless water that has exploded into a kaleidoscope of soft tones, reflecting from the sky as the […]

In Pictures: Sunset at the Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar

A short drive from Morondava on Madagascar’s west coast, is a tree-lined dirt road of such natural and unique beauty, it has been recognised as the island’s first officially protected natural monument. It is called the Avenue of the Baobabs. It is one of the most visited and photographed sites in Madagascar. And it was […]

Finland in Pictures: A Lake and a Sunset in Kajaani

I start the day in a taxi, the morning rush hour turning what should be a ten minute drive into a marathon.  I’ve taken this journey from my flat in North London to Paddington Station enough times to expect nothing less and feel more relaxed than the driver who is swearing and changing direction at every […]

Antarctica in Pictures: Sunset and Moonrise on the Bransfield Strait

“Tonight’s activities have been cancelled due to exceptionally good weather”. I smiled as I heard our expedition leader make this announcement shortly after dinner. Within minutes of stepping out on deck, I had made the decision to boycott the light-hearted games challenge the expedition crew had been planning for the evening. And it seemed I […]

The Sun Sets on Ushuaia (Argentina)

In this post, the sun sets on Ushuaia – both figuratively and literally. These photos were taken soon after I arrived in Argentina’s southernmost town last month. And last week I waved goodbye to it for the foreseeable future, uncertain when – and if – I’ll be back. Ushuaia has been the bookends of both […]

Australian Sunset in Pictures – From Henley Beach, Adelaide

I love ending the day with a good sunset and I’ve certainly seen a few.  I’ve sipped cocktails and cold beers during sunset happy hours, I’ve gazed across golden-lit landscapes lost in my own thoughts and dreams and I’ve focused (pun intended) on capturing the last light of the day with my camera. I’ve enjoyed […]

POSTCARDS From Botswana

Before the digital age eroded its popularity, the postcard was an affordable souvenir and an easy way to share travel experiences with friends and family back home .  A simple picture and a few short words had the ability to conjure dreams of faraway locations, inspire future travel plans and permanently remind travellers of incredible […]

Photography: 20 Landscapes from Antarctica, Arctic, Africa & Australia

I’m often asked if I prefer wildlife or landscape, as both a traveller and a photographer.  This isn’t a surprising question considering my travel itinerary of the past year has been led by a desire to experience and capture some of the world’s most beautiful and unique environments, birds and animals My perfect scenario is […]

Exploring South Australia: Top 10 Sunrise & Sunset Photographs

This week at Destination Unknown is “South Australia” week and I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photographs, tips and itineraries with you.  You can subscribe for email updates to be notified when a new post is published – or simply return each day to see what is new! As part of this feature, I’ll be revealing my top 10 photographs […]

Photo: An Antarctica Sunset

One of the things I’ve been enjoying photographing back in Australia is the incredible sunsets.  But I’m yet to find a foreground that is as striking as this one that I took in Antarctica earlier in the year. This was taken from the deck of Quark Expeditions’s Ocean Diamond on the night we headed south […]

Photo of the Week: Adelaide Sunset

I’ve mentioned before that I think Australia has some of the best sunsets in the world, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about returning to Adelaide for a little R&R before I take off travelling again, is being close enough to the beach to enjoy them. Sunsets can be a little hit-and-miss and […]

Photo Gallery: Antarctic Sunsets

During my days in Antarctica I felt like I was moving within a landscape painting, created with a palette limited to blues and whites.  The exception was the late evening, as the sun began to set.  The palette opened to include a range of pastel colours, softening the light and providing an incredible backdrop to […]

Photo of the Week: Sunset on the Ice

With just over a month to go until I head to Antarctica, I am currently obsessed with all things icy.  Reflecting on my first Icelandic experience early this year is helping build upon an already insane sense of excitement at the thought of heading south. Sunset at Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon in south east Iceland was […]


I’ve seen some incredible sunsets all over the world but I still think my home country Australia takes the top prize.  This one taken at Henley Beach in Adelaide on a return home for Xmas last year.