Photo of the Week: #Arctic Ice

Ice is symbolic of the Arctic region and one of my favourite subjects to photograph.  With 24 hour daylight, the colour of the sky is a lottery, but was just beautiful on the day we zodiac cruised Monaco Glacier.  The bird flying off the iceberg was the icing on the cake on a magical day. […]

Photo of the Week: Bearded Seal in the #Arctic

Approaching this bearded seal from a zodiac was an exciting moment and I found myself snapping away from a distance, convinced he would slip into the water as we got closer.  But he seemed indifferent to our presence, allowing me to capture this. I recently returned from a two week expedition cruise in the Svalbard […]

Photo of the Week: Walrus in the #Arctic

I find the walrus endearingly ugly and intimidatingly large in size.  And it seems they are just as curious about us, as we discovered when we came across a large group swimming near our zodiac. I recently returned from a two week expedition cruise in the Svalbard Arctic and will be continuing to share photos […]

Photo of the Week: #Arctic Ice & Kittiwakes

One of the best ways to explore the Svalbard Arctic is via zodiac, allowing a close up view of the incredible landscape and wildlife in the region.  And it doesn’t get much than this, when landscape and wildlife combine to create an image symbolic of the icy, cold North. I recently returned from a two […]

Polar Travel in Pictures: #Arctic Ice

  If the polar bear is king of the Arctic, ice is it’s queen. Ice in the Arctic is part of a landscape that seems to have been created from a palette of blue and white hues.  It is part of a landscape that deafens you with its silence.  It is part of a landscape […]

Exploring the Arctic: 7 Wildlife Encounters

  Earlier this year I enjoyed one of the most exhilarating travel experiences of my life in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica.  Six months later I stepped aboard Quark Expedition’s Sea Spirit, looking forward to continuing my Tale of Two Poles.  I was a little nervous I might feel underwhelmed by the Arctic region […]

Photo of the Week: Svalbard Arctic Polar Bear

I’ve just returned from an amazing two weeks exploring the Svalbard Arctic region and look forward to sharing some photos and stories with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here is a taste of the incredible wildlife that enjoys life in the the cold, icy north.   Do you want to receive my […]

Longyearbyen, Svalbard: First Impressions & 10 Random Facts

I take in a breath of fresh air and exhale a sigh of contentment, a sound that feels misplaced in this scene of contrast I find myself in. I walk on dry, green grass as I look up at snow-capped mountains.  I put on my sunglasses as I zip up my warm jacket.  My watch […]