2013 Travel Highlights: Top 10 Landscape Photographs

Top 10 Landscape Photographs of 2013 Travels This was the year I noticed a shift in my travel style.  Instead of being a traveller who takes photographs, I felt more like a photographer who travels.  Instead of an extra pair of shoes, I packed an extra camera lens.  Instead of feeling bored whilst queuing at the […]

Exploring Australia: 5 Great Photography Locations in Tasmania

(Eddystone Point, Tasmania) My passion for travel is motivated by a desire to live life instead of existing through it. My passion for photography is motivated by a desire to share these experiences with others – the landscapes that have mesmerized me, the wildlife that has intoxicated me, the people who have inspired me and […]

10 Things To Photograph in Tasmania, Australia

(View of Cradle Mountain, taken from Hansons Peak) It took me 38 years, 51 countries and 7 continents before I set foot on Australia’s southern-most state, Tasmania.  This may not sound like a big deal – except that I am Australian! I have travelled all over the world in search of adventure, to enjoy breath-taking […]