The 10 Commandments of Solo Travel

People choose to travel on their own through desire, necessity or both.  It’s by far my favourite way to travel: I love the freedom it gives me, the ability to adapt to my surroundings with a flexible itinerary and mindset, and the opportunity to follow my own path both spiritually and geographically.  I have found it […]

Travel Photo Tuesday: Laos New Year

One of the highlights of my 2009/2010 career break was the opportunity to live, volunteer and travel through South East Asia where I spent 8 months.  And a particular highlight was celebrating Laos New Year with locals in Luang Prabang, a wet, cheerful and entertaining few days.  Stepping outside meant stepping into the path of […]

Travel Photo Tuesday: Nature’s Window, Kalbarri, Australia

Our plan to visit Kalbarri Gorge for sunset in Western Australia was thwarted by a bushfire caused by lightening that closed the area. Thankfully the roads opened in time for us to visit it on our way out the next day, as it’s a really beautiful location and deserves a visit. Nature’s Window is a […]

Travel Photo Tuesday: In the Kitchen, Malawi

When I joined these women for a day in a village in Malawi, I learned that whilst the preparation, cooking and cleaning responsibilities are very clearly defined as “woman’s work” the kitchen is not just a place of chores.  It’s the place they relax into social interaction, free to chat, giggle and gossip to their […]