Photo of the Week: Play Time – Elephant Seals, South Georgia

It’s nearly the weekend! And after returning to work today after six months of weekdays and weekends feeling the same, I am already looking forward to it! I’m also heading to the launch of the ZSL London Zoo Wildlife Photography Exhibition – so this feels an appropriate Photo of the Week, celebrating the amazing wildlife […]

Photo of the Week: Bearded Seal in the #Arctic

Approaching this bearded seal from a zodiac was an exciting moment and I found myself snapping away from a distance, convinced he would slip into the water as we got closer.  But he seemed indifferent to our presence, allowing me to capture this. I recently returned from a two week expedition cruise in the Svalbard […]

Photo of the Week: Walrus in the #Arctic

I find the walrus endearingly ugly and intimidatingly large in size.  And it seems they are just as curious about us, as we discovered when we came across a large group swimming near our zodiac. I recently returned from a two week expedition cruise in the Svalbard Arctic and will be continuing to share photos […]

Photo of the Week: #Arctic Ice & Kittiwakes

One of the best ways to explore the Svalbard Arctic is via zodiac, allowing a close up view of the incredible landscape and wildlife in the region.  And it doesn’t get much than this, when landscape and wildlife combine to create an image symbolic of the icy, cold North. I recently returned from a two […]

Photo of the Week: A Hazy Weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  I just spent three days visiting friends in Kuala Lumpur and arrived the same day the haze arrived from the fires in Indonesia. It really put the disgraceful situation in perspective seeing – and breathing – it in person. The city view from my friend’s balcony was blanketed by a thick and hazardous haze, […]

Photo of the Week: Hopping To My Next Adventure

After nearly 4 months back in my home country Australia, I head to the airport today with great photos and memories of Tasmanian and South Australian road trips, quality time with family and friends, great weather…and one less gallbladder! Next stop – Kuala Lumpur…  (Flinders Ranges, South Australia) Do you want to receive my latest […]

Photo of the Week: Aussie Humour in the Outback

On my way to the Flinders Ranges last week I drove through the outback town of Tarlee. As I approached the town I was greeted by the sign on the left of this photo. Less than a minute later I was greeted with the sign on the right of this photo! In case I thought […]

Photo of the Week: Fire Starting – Rwanda

Throughout my travels, I’ve often been reminded of how lucky we are in the developed world and how much we take for granted.  And although this fire-starting demonstration in a village in Rwanda was staged for us tourists, it felt symbolic of the basic tools and materials that we have at our fingertips – like […]

Photo of the Week: Tasmanian Countryside, Australia

A good lesson I’ve learned when it comes to landscape photography is that sometimes simplicity is everything. This image was taken on the way back from a sunrise shoot at Picnic Rocks, Eddystone point, only a short distance from the farm I was staying at in Tasmania. For me, this is the Australian outback at […]

Photo of the Week: A Barn Owl’s Lunch (Kangaroo Island)

  I’ve just returned from a great five days in Kangaroo Island, enjoying the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife – my camera loved it! One of my favourite shots was taken at Raptor Domain on the South Coast.  What do you think this barn owl just had for lunch?!   Do you want to receive […]

Photo of the Week: Adelaide Sunset

I’ve mentioned before that I think Australia has some of the best sunsets in the world, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about returning to Adelaide for a little R&R before I take off travelling again, is being close enough to the beach to enjoy them. Sunsets can be a little hit-and-miss and […]

Photo of the Week: Sunset at the Beach – Freycinet, Tasmania (Australia)

The day began with an early rise to capture the magical colours that introduced the start of another gloriously sunny March day at Sleepy Bay.  It continued with a strenuous but enjoyable hike up Mount Amos, navigating our way through the steep rock formations that rewarded us with stunning views of the surrounding bays.  And […]

Photo of the Week: A Castle in Scotland

After beginning my year of ’embracing the moment’ with a return trip to (one of) my home towns in Adelaide, Australia, I have now ventured south to Tasmania. I’ll be combining three of my passions – photography, exploring the great outdoors and travel – on a two week Lightstalkers photography tour with Glen Campbell, who I first […]

Photo of the Week: Henley Beach – Through New Eyes

I recently wrote about starting my year of ’embracing the moment’ in Adelaide, for a extended holiday in the home I haven’t lived in for more than 12 years.  I wrote that approaching this trip reminded me of the quote:  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new […]

Photo of the Week: Stepping Onto the 7th Continent (Antarctica)

I had boarded the ship in Ushuaia two weeks earlier.  Since then I had spent six full days at sea with no land in sight, enjoyed two days in the Falkland Islands, three days exploring the phenomenal wildlife and landscape of South Georgia, set foot on the South Shetland Islands and shared my first spectacular […]

Photo of the Week: Reflection (Antarctica)

A new chapter of my life begins today as I leave the 9-5 office routine behind. As I begin my dream of creating a location-independent lifestyle that allows me to embrace the moment, spend time on my passions and live life instead existing through it, it’s the perfect day for a bit of reflection! This […]

Photo of the Week: A Rockhopper Penguin’s Valentine’s Day

A Valentine Day’s themed weekly photo… Rockhopper penguins mate for life and identify each other from the sound of their voices.  These two, at Saunders Island in the Falkland Islands, have re-united after months at sea and look quite happy together!   Visit my Antarctica Feature page for answers to FAQs, travel advice, stories and […]

Photo of the Week: An Icy Gentoo Penguin, Antarctica

A visit to Antarctica is a bit of a lottery.  The Drake Passage may shout it’s presence to you or it may arrive with a whisper.  You may end up visiting everything on your original itinerary but more likely, the unpredictable conditions will remove some destinations and add others.  It’s possible to see more leopard […]

Photo of the Week: A Bored Seal in Antarctica

This seal looks a little disinterested with the arrival of the two chinstrap penguins who have encroached on his patch of mud on Deception Island in Antarctica.  At first glance, it appears he is uncomfortable with an apparent display of public affection and I can almost hear him sigh “get a room” as he rolls […]

Photo of the Week: Iceberg Graveyard in Antarctica

Iceberg Graveyard lies adjacent to Pleneau Island in Antarctica and is the location where older, rolled and large tabular icebergs have run aground. Zodiac cruising through this bay feels like floating on another planet! Visit my Antarctica Feature page for answers to FAQs, travel advice, stories and photography.  (I travelled through the Falkland Islands, South […]