Top 15 People and Cultural Photos of 2015

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I’ve spent the last few days looking back at 2015 by reflecting on the destinations I’ve enjoyed this year, the wildlife I’ve photographed and the landscapes that have taken my breath away.

My reflection ends today with my favourite people and cultural photographs, taken in Madagascar, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Now it’s all about 2016…I already have my eyes set on Greenland and Africa and it’s only the second day of the year. What destinations are you dreaming about this year?

Happy travels in 2016!

15. Bull Jumping – Hamar Rite of Passage, Ethiopia

15 Top Travel Photo-15.jpg

14. Goat for Dinner – Hamar, Ethiopia

14 Top Travel Photo-14.jpg

13. Tsiribihina River Family – Madagascar

13 Top Travel Photo-13.jpg

12. Fire Lighting – Hamar, Ethiopia

12 Top Travel Photo-12.jpg

11. Self-Scarification – Mursi, Ethiopia11 Top Travel Photo-11.jpg

10. Fishing – Tsiribihina River, Madagascar

10 Top Travel Photo-10.jpg

9. Cattle Herders – Mursi, Ethiopia

9 Top Travel Photo-9.jpg

8. Child – Anakao Beach, Madagascar

8 Top Travel Photo-8.jpg

7. Mursi Warriors – Mursi, Ethiopia

7 Top Travel Photo-7.jpg

6. Woman at Bull Jumping – Hamar, Ethiopia

6 Top Travel Photo-6.jpg

5. Song & Dance – Bull Jumping, Hamar, Ethiopia

5 Top Travel Photo-hamar_ethiopia.jpg

4. Maza at Bull Jumping – Hamar, Ethiopia

4 Top Travel Photo-hamar profile_ethiopia.jpg

3. Fisherman – Madagascar

3 Top Travel Photo-local fisherman_madagascar.jpg

2. Samburu Under the Stars – Samburu, Kenya

2 Top Travel Photo-Samburu milky way.jpg

1. Water Collection – Hamar, Ethiopia

1 Top Travel Photo_Hamar Woman.jpg


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