20 Memorable Wildlife Sightings – World Wildlife Day #WWD2016

#WWD2016_Elephants_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg 

A collection of my most memorable wildlife sightings to celebrate the beauty of the natural world for #WWD2016

The United Nations’ World Wildlife Day on 3 March, 2016 creates the opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants.  The theme of #WWD2016 is “the future is in our hands” with African and Asian elephants the main focus of the day.

And whilst the plight of these and other threatened species is one that undoubtedly deserves attention and action, #WWD2016 is a reminder of how important conservation of all wildlife is, if future generations are going to co-exist with the incredible natural world we are lucky enough to enjoy today.

The opportunity to see wildlife in its natural environment is usually a key feature of my travel adventures. It constantly reminds me how beautiful the world can be. It has increased my appreciation of our responsibility as human beings to protect wildlife and the environment it lives in. And it has provided some of my most memorable photography and travel experiences.

Here are some of my favourite wildlife sightings, in no particular order:

1. Breaching humpback whales in Madagascar

#WWD2016_Breaching Humpback Whale_Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood.jpg


2. Elephant seals and king penguins co-existing on Gold Harbour, South Georgia

This was one of many adolesecent male elephant seals hauled out at Gold Harbour in South Georgia. About half of the size it will be when fully grown, it was reguarly asserting itself with mock charges and fights with other seals.

3. Brown Bears in Finland

#WWD2016_Brown Bear_Finland_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg

4. Leopard relocating its food in the Masai Mara, Kenya

#WWD2016_Leopard_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

5. Close Encounter with one of the greatest predators in the Antarctica – the leopard seal

Zodiac Cruising - Neko Harbour, Antarctica

6. Cheetah and her cub in the Masai Mara, Kenya

#WWD2016_Cheetah_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

7. Searching for Madagascar’s smaller wonders (giraffe-necked weavil)

Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

8. Puffins bringing food to chicks at Farne Islands, UK

#WWD2016_Puffin_Farne Islands_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg

9. Elephant at sunset in the Masai Mara, Kenya

#WWD2016_Elephant Sunset_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

10. Lemurs of Madagascar (Diademed Sifaka Lemur)

#WWD2016_Diademed Sifaka Lemur_Madagascar_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

11. Meeting the King of the Svalbard Arctic – the polar bear

#WWD2016_Polar Bear_Arctic_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg

12. Cheetah chasing away uninvited guests in the Masai Mara, Kenya

#WWD2016_Cheetah and Vultures_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

13. The world’s largest king penguin colony at St Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia

#WWD2016_King Penguin Colony_St Andrews Harbour_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg

14. Large herds of wildebeest & zebra in Africa’s Great Migration 

Masai Mara_Kenya_Kellie Netherwood-5.jpg

15. Arctic birdlife (kittiwakes) contrasting with the spectacular ice


16. Dusky Dolphins playing in the waters near Kaikoura, New Zealand

#WWD2016_Dusky Dolphin_ Kaikoura_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

17. Feisty Rockhopper Penguins in the Falkland Islands

#WWD2016_ Rockhopper Penguin_Falkland Islands_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg

18. The sadly endangered Black Rhino in the Masai Mara, Kenya

#WWD2016_Black Rhino_ Masai Mara_Kellie Netherwood.jpg

19. Zodiac cruising alongside the Arctic’s Walrus


20. Red Deer in the rutting season, Richmond Park (UK)

#WWD2016_Red Deer_Richmond Park_Kellie_Netherwood.jpg


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