Through The Lens: Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

South Australia is often overlooked by visitors to the country, overshadowed by the more famous attractions of its neighbouring states.  It’s often overlooked by Australians themselves and as a resident of Adelaide for a decade, I was guilty of exactly that.

But like many travellers, exploring the world has helped me appreciate my own country.  And the chance to return to Adelaide for a few months has created the opportunity to rediscover parts of South Australia through new eyes, through my lens.

After recent visits to Kangaroo Island, the Adelaide Hills and the Fleurieu Peninsula, I was ready to hit the road again – with my camera!

Yorke Peninsula

‘Boot’ shaped Yorke Peninsula boasts 700 kilometres of coastline and the toe of the boot is populated by Innes National Park.  And as I started the relatively easy drive from Adelaide, I soon learned it had all the ingredients of a great photography road trip – wild and rugged coastline, isolated bays and beaches, friendly seaside towns, vibrant inland countryside and an array of wildlife.

Yorke Peninsula: Through My Lens

Sunrise at Stenhouse Bay Jetty, Innes National Park

(Sunrise – Stenhouse Bay Jetty, Innes National Park)


(Sunset – Gym Beach, Innes National Park)


(Countryside – near Adrossan)


 (Stenhouse Bay, Innes National Park)

Browns Beach, Innes National Park

(Gym Beach, Innes National Park)

Bush - Yorke Peninsula

(Hint of Autumn, Innes National Park)

Cape Spencer Lighthouse

(Cape Spencer Lighthouse, Innes National Park)


(Gym Beach, Innes National Park)

Wreck at Ethel Beach, Innes National Park

(Wreck at Ethel Beach,Innes National Park)


(Coastline, Innes National Park)


(Two-headed, three-legged emu, Innes National Park)

Wattle Point Wind Farm, Edithburgh

(Wattle Park Wind Farm, Edithburgh)


(Sunrise – Stenhouse Bay Jetty, Innes National Park)

Have you been to the Yorke Peninsula?  What was the highlight for you?



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Kellie is a traveller and photographer who is most at home when exploring the world beyond it. Through the intersection of her travel, writing and photography passions, she shares her experiences to inspire others to create there own. The desire to live life instead of existing through it has introduced Kellie to inspirational locations throughout seven continents and from this a passion for landscape and wildlife photography has evolved. She feels a particular connection to the polar regions and Africa. You can see more of her photography at


  1. Great photos.
    It’s true SA is often overlooked as a travel destination but I love visiting, especially the wine regions.

  2. More awesome photos! You are gifted. I nominated you for the WordPress Family Award for being part of my supportive blogging family. I am still enjoying your e-book–the photos are moments of zen in otherwise hectic days. If you’d like to accept it, pick it up on my blog along with the descriptions and rules.

    • I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying the ebook! I still look back at my Antarctica photos so often, often when zen-moments are needed as you say. Thanks so much for the Blog Family Award – what a great idea and such a nice thought, has made my day.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Beautiful images! Do you mind if I ask which lens you use for the wider shots?!

    • Thanks Stuart. For most of my wide shots, I use a 24-105mm Lens with a Canon 5D II. For the very wide ones, I use 17-40mm with a Canon 5D. When I was shooting with a Canon 7D, the 10-22mm was the lens I used for most of my wide angled shots.

      Hope this helps!

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